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The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.

Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder

At Web Apps Florida we strive to build the best custom web applications to fit your companies business process and not make you change your business model to fit a cookie cutter web application. Our staff in comprised of USA based consultants that have a passion and a mission to make custom web applications that match your business model.

Web Apps Florida is headquartered in Gainesville, FL. Gainesville is home of the University of Florida and there is no shortage of engineer talent. There is no project too big or complex for us to handle. We have the best engineers at affordable prices.

Web Apps Florida

We build mission critical software & web applications for todays business

About Us

At Web Apps Florida it is our passion to build web applications, custom software and scalable web sites from the ground up and then set up an internet marketing plan to help grow your buisness.


We specialize in ASP.NET C# for enterprise ready custom software, web applications and web sites while giving excellent service and support. Being headquartered in Gainesville, FL, home of the University of Florida we have access to top talent. We will take on any challenge and offer our services at affordable prices.


Our team is comprised of extremely smart USA based developers and consultants that are commited to building your solution to your specifications in a timely manner. We have years of experience building large web applications from the ground up. We are commited to bringing you the best solution possible by being consultants first and then programmers. Our team will learn your business process from the inside out, this will assure success in buiding a web application that fixes your issue or makes your company more efficient.


Custom Web Applications

At Web Apps Florida we have a passion to build best of breed applications for our clientele. Our software engineers build web applications with the functionality to streamline your business process for optimum efficiency. Our applications help organizations of all sizes connect with consumers, business partners and clients by extending the facities of web applications through the internet.

Enterprise Ready Applications

Web Applications Florida builds richly featured online applications that rival desktop applications by using the best of breed web technologies of today. With todays web technologies complex desktop applications can now be built for the web and can be accessed 24/7 on the internet.

With todays languages, frameworks and architechture development time has been drastically cut down along with the cost to build applications. We build enterprise web applications at excellent prices.

Quality Development

Our team builds all of our custom software solutions with future growth in mind. We build all of our custom applications solutions on with the latest and best of breed techonology. This is important as your business grows, your application can grow with you. Keeping up with the latest standards is essential and is what separates us from other software firms. Our focus is on quality code and best of breed technology.

One of our core competencies is versatility. Whatever your needs are we are able to meet them head on, if this means building a solution from scratch or customizing an existing solution we will be there for you. We are always transparent and will lay out all your options so you clearly understand the development process and can make informed decisions for your project.

Sucess Story...

Web Apps Florida was able to build our school management software system precisely to our unique needs. We simply could not find and out of box solution that fit our business model. We decided to build our entire system from scratch and Web Apps Florida built an amazing system around our business process.

- Joseph Miller, CEO


Our team builds all of our applications with scalablity in mind. That is why we have chosen the Microsoft C# ASP.NET, MVC and Web API platform as it has proven to be best in breed.

Angular JS

Of all the javascript libraries that are available today. Angular JS by Google has proven to be the ulitmate solution for building fast web applications with superior flexibility.

Bootstrap JS

In todays moblie world it is essential for web applications to be responsive to mobile devices. Boostrap JS is the absolute best of breed at accomplishing responsive web applications.

Custom School Management Systems (SMS)

The custom SMS that was built by Web Apps Florida is an mission critical system for our Sommelier School. This system has allowed us to expand to 6 countries; United States, Canada, China, India and Brazil with now over 50,000 students.

Ganit Yair, Office Manager ISG

International Sommelier Guild (ISG) spent a tremendous amount of time looking for an "Off The Shelf" software that could manage their unique business model and process. After an exhaustive search ISG decided their new school management software must be a custom built solution. ISG needed a system with a student registration module, student portals, instructor portals and an administrative portal with the ability to manage students, classes and instructors in multiple countries. ISG also wanted all the modules / portals to follow their business process and model. ISG contacted Web Apps Florida to build an affordable custom school management system from the ground up.

Web Apps Florida carefully studied the ISG buisness model and processes. ISG's first hurdle was the student registration in which ISG needed an age verification module based on the countries legal drinking age. Next, a pre-requisite course system that would restrict students from skipping levels. Students must take and pass all pre-requisites courses and exams for higher level courses. Lastly, the student portal must contain auto-populated PDF Documents generated by the system for invidual students based on country, course and student level. The documents include student manuals, students contracts and other vital student documents.

The Instructor portal required two sections, one for entering grades and a second for auto populated PDF Documents for class. The system would automatically generate course documents based on country, class level and these documents included attendance sheets, exam sign-in sheets, class contracts and other classroom documents. Instructors would also be required to add grades by student ID and not by student name in order to prevent favored student grading.

Lastly the administation portal would manage students, classes, instructors and provide administrative auto populated PDF documents and certificates. The admin system would have the ability to move students from one class to another, update students profile or override a pre-requisite course for a student as needed. Auto populated and system generated documents would be based on course / country and include acceptance letters, rejection letters, passing letters, failing letters and certificates.

Web Apps Florida & ISG utilized PHP, Angular JS, Boostrap JS, JQuery and MySQL in order to build the system. The system is used by 50,000 students in 6 different countries and is expanding rapidly.

Document Mangement

Cloud Enabled

Admission Management


Our custom E-Learning solutions are all about the student and guided by the best instructional design. Your E-Learning system will assist your team in building interactive presentations, quizes, exams and media rich interactions.

Web Apps Florida converted our classroom based Sommelier courses to an amazing E-Learning system that has custom presentations, quizes and exams. Our students are raving about our E-Learning system thanks to Web Apps Florida!

Joseph Miller, CEO

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Internet Marketing

PPC Management Pricing

In order to get started please contact us to speak with one of expert Internet Marketing Consultants about your budget and goals. Once we have confirmed your goals along with a budget we simply need a one time setup fee and your first month of service to get started. As always, we are month-to-month following the setup and first month down payment as we want to earn your business each and every month.

One Time Setup Fee - Please Call for Pricing

All of our clients are unique and we build custom solutions to fit your goals. For example, a local company looking to gain new clients would be far different then an international company with 25 locations. So please call and speak to one of our specialists about your company and marketing goals.

Monthly Management Fee

After launch we monitor in real time your campaigns and goals in order to maximize your ROI. It is necessary to monitor, report and update the campaigns to maximize results. Our monthly fee is for full service internet marketing and we will take care of all your campaign mangement and reporting. We will manage your Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook PPC all included with your monthly service.

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